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Perfections Salon (located in Cincinnati, OH 45242 in the Montgomery area) offers the ultimate in hair services: couture drycutting taught by Cincinnati's Kenneth, the originator of the Rolls Royce of hair styles the Kenneth Cut; couture American-made All-Nutrient (R) color created from a certified organic base that offers 100% gray coverage and restructurizes while it colors your hair; Olaplex [tm] treatments for stronger, healthier hair; Malibu C [tm] treatments to remove nasty minerals that leach into your hair from the water you shower in; a terrific keratin smoothing service for curly or frizzy hair; exclusive DevaCurl services and product for the naturally curly! THIS is truly Haute' Couture Hair!

Service Categories

Perfections Drycutting Services


Haute' Hair - We offer only dry cutting for the very best results for your Perfect Haircut. Our dry cuts are less about cutting hair off as they are about sculpting texture and form into the hair to leave a specific design we envision based on the way you like to wear your hair. We sculpt a design into the hair for ease of care and styling and to help you be the best you can be. If you're looking for a true dry cut (or any kind of really great cut!) delivered by an expert, you'll want to come to Perfections, the home of the dry cut in Cincinnati. Now introducing My Perfect Blowout services for the busy woman on the go!!

Women's Drycut - 30 Min

$42.00 & up

Drycut with Shampoo & Blowout - 45 Min

$67.00 & up

Bang Trim - 15 Min

$10.00 & up

Women's Deva Cut

$50.00 and up

Women's Deva Cut plus Deva 3-Step first-time Client- 60 Min

$72.00 & up

Return Client, Express Women's Deva Cut only - 30 Min

$47.00 & up

Men's Drycut Short

$30.00 & up

Men's Deva Cut

$38.00 & up

Child's Deva Cut

$32.00 & up

Child's Deva Cut plus Deva 3-Step

$52.00 & up

Deva Three Step Alone

The Deva Three-Step service for naturally curly hair includes cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing and styling with special DevaConcepts products designed to lock moisture inside the curly hair shaft. During your first visit, our stylists educate you on the appropriate way to perform these tasks for yourself.

After cleansing and moisturizing, the curl artist gently blots your curls, removing the majority of the water and  ensuring a frizz-free finish. After blotting, the curl artist gently separates the curl families, softly encouraging them to dry where they live. You are escorted to the DevaAir 360 dryer where your curls dry in place with very little disturbance.

Finally, the curl artist will coax your curls open and finish your look. You won't believe how soft, supple, shiny and beautiful your curly hair is now!
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If you need to cancel and reschedule your reservation, please allow us the courtesy of a 24-hour notice so we may reserve your time for another guest. If you must cancel with less than 24-hours notice because of an emergency, we certainly will understand, but we would appreciate the 24-hours notice.

After one No-Show (skipping a scheduled appointment without first notifying the salon within 24 hours of your appointment), the next appointment must be reserved with a $30 reservation fee paid with a valid credit card; any subsequent no-shows will be charged 100% of the service price.

Our Mission:
Perfections Salon and its experts in dry haircutting, couture coloring, DevaCurl Curly Girl Cuts and specialized hair treatments will always deliver a salon experience designed to foster passionately loyal clients.

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