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 Perfections Salon

Perfection in your appearance.
Perfections Salon (located in Cincinnati, OH 45242 in the Montgomery area) offers the ultimate in specialized hair services: couture drycutting by Cincinnati's Kenneth, the originator of the Rolls Royce of hair styles the Kenneth Cut; couture American-made All-Nutrient (R) color created from a certified organic base that offers 100% gray coverge and restructurizes while it colors your hair; a terrific smoothing service for curly or frizzy hair; exclusive DevaCurl services and product for the naturally curly! THIS is truly Haute' Couture Hair!


Appointment Policy:
If you need to cancel and reschedule your reservation, please allow us the courtesy of a 24-hour notice so we may reserve your time for another guest. If you must cancel with less than 24-hours notice because of an emergency, we certainly will understand, but we would appreciate the 24-hours notice.
After one No-Show (skipping a scheduled appointment without first notifying the salon within 24 hours of your appointment), the next appointment must be reserved with a $30 reservation fee paid with a valid credit card; any subsequent no-shows will be charged 100% of the service price.
Our Mission:
Perfections Salon and its experts in dry haircutting, couture coloring and DevaCurl Curly Girl Cuts will always deliver a salon experience designed to foster passionately loyal clients.
Perfections Drycutting Services
Haute' Hair      We offer only drycutting for the very best results for your Perfect Haircut. Kenneth's cuts are less about cutting hair off as they are about carving texture and form into the hair to leave a specific design he envisions based on the way you like to wear your hair. He sculpts a design into the hair for ease of care and styling and to help you be the best you can be. If you're looking for a true drycut (or any kind of really great cut!) delivered by an expert, you'll want to come to Perfections, the home of the drycut in Cincinnati. Now introducing My Perfect Blowout services for the busy woman on the go!!
Haute Couture Kenneth Cut

Express Kenneth DryCut, 75.00
(30 min.)

Kenneth DryCut, shampoo and blowout, 95.00
(1 hr.)

Bang Trim, 15.00
(15 min.)
Deva Cut for Curly Hair by Kenneth
Kenneth Deva Cut plus Deva 3-Step, 95.00 (first-time Client) (1 hr.)

Return Client, Express Kenneth Deva Cut, 75.00

(30 min.)

The Deva Cut is a specific drycutting technique devised by the DevaCurl product company that takes into account the curl pattern, growth pattern, extent of curl spring-back, length, volume and general health of curly hair. Kenneth combines his own drycutting technique he developed over his 56-year career with DevaCurl's technique to cut the design into the hair so the Client won't have to work so hard to achieve her desired style. This technique is completely different from the way most stylists cut hair wet! Dry cutting is the ONLY way to cut Curly Hair and get a beautiful, balanced and gorgeous style that makes the most from each Client's individual curls. 
Stylist Drycuts
Annie Landrum

Express Drycut,  40.00
(30 min.)

Drycut with Shampoo & Blowout, 60.00
(45 min.)

Bang Trim, 10.00
(15 min.)

Deva Cut  plus Deva 3-Step 80.00
(for first-time Client) (1 hr.)

Return Client, Express Deva Cut only, 60.00
(30 min.)

Child's Deva Cut, 35.00

Child's Deva Cut plus Deva 3-Step 55.00

Irene Hutchinson

Express Drycut,  35.00
(30 min.)

Drycut with Shampoo & Blowout, 55.00
(45 min.)

Bang Trim, 8.00

(15 min.)

Deva Cut  plus Deva 3-Step 65.00
(for first-time Client) (1 hr.)

Return Client, Express Deva Cut only, 45.00
(30 min.)

Child's Deva Cut, 35.00

Child's Deva Cut plus Deva 3-Step 55.00

Deva Three Step alone, 35.00
(30 min.)

DevaAir 360 Package,  99.00

A package of 4 Deva Three Step services using the DevaAir 360 to dry your curls all the way down your back without touching them, to be used one per week for a month, with a savings of $41 (you are getting four Three Step services for LESS than the cost of THREE!).

The Deva Three-Step service for naturally curly hair includes cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing and styling with special DevaConcepts products designed to lock moisture inside the curly hair shaft. During your first visit, our stylists educate you on the appropriate way to perform these tasks for yourself.

After cleansing and moisturizing, the curl artist gently blots your curls, removing the majority of the water and  ensuring a frizz-free finish. After blotting, the curl artist gently separates the curl families, softly encouraging them to dry where they live. You are escorted to the DevaAir 360 dryer where your curls dry in place with very little disturbance.

Finally, the curl artist will coax your curls open and finish your look. You won't believe how soft, supple, shiny and beautiful your curly hair is now!
Formal Finish by Kenneth
100.00, one hour
Perfections Haute Couture Color
Perfections, true to our name, brings integrity to the art and science of hair color formulation. Our guests can observe our color artists as they systematically ply their knowledge of chemistry and art to create the strikingly stunning hair color effects for which we are known. Our dedicated color professionals use the very best color available in the industry to create an individualized color that is yours alone. All-Nutrient is an award-winning color line, American made in New Hampshire, formulated using the latest chemistry and the highest quality ingredients. Its base is made from certified organic ingredients and sulfate-free surfactants. There is absolutely no sodium laureth sulfate, no cocamide DEA, no cocamidopropyl betaine, no parabens, no propylene glycol and no chemical chelators or EDTA! Just vibrant, long-lasting professional color that reconstructs, leaving your hair healthy, silky and shiny... at reasonable prices -- it's the best color service in Cincinnati!
Couture Color
Annie Landrum

Couture Color Services

Re-growth re-touch, 60.00
(30 min.)

All-over color, 72.00
(30 min. - 1 hr., depending on length)

Extra color (needed for very long or very thick hair) + 15.00 & up

Olaplex added, + 12.00 & up

Couture Highlighting/Lowlighting Services (includes Olaplex)

Partial Highlight/Lowlight, 78.00
(45 min.)

Highlight/Lowlight, 98.00
(1 hr. 15 min.)

Tri-Foil (3 colors), 88.00 - 108.00
(1 hr. +)

Balayage (hair painting), 100.00 and up
MUST have a consultation prior to booking the day of service
(3 hours 15 min. minimum)

Per foil, 8.00
(15 min.)

Irene Hutchinson

Couture Color Services

Re-growth re-touch, 50.00
(30 min.)

All-over color, 62.00
(30 min. - 1 hr.)

Extra color (needed for very long or very thick hair) + 15.00 & up

Olaplex added, + 12.00 & up

Couture Highlighting/Lowlighting Services (includes Olaplex)

Partial Highlight/Lowlight, 70.00
(45 min.)

Highlight/Lowlight, 90.00
(1 hr. 15 min.)

Tri-Foil (3 colors), 75.00 - 95.00

(1 hr. +)

Balayage (hair painting), 100.00 and up
MUST have a consultation prior to booking the day of service
(3 hours 15 min. minimum)

Per foil, 6.00
(15 min.)

All color services include a shampoo and blowdry finish. Noted time covers application.

If an iron is used, add 10.00

OLAPLEX     Your hair breaks when it is weakened by the disulfide bonds in it being broken into single sulfer hydrogen bonds. All salon services from chemical (color) to thermal (styling) and even mechanical (brushing) can break the bonds that make up hair. This also happens when you brush your hair, use heat  to dry or curl it or use certain kinds of rollers. When the disulfide bonds are broken, the hair is made weaker. Olaplex is a bond multiplier containing a single active ingredient: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Olaplex works by finding single sulfur hydrogen bonds and cross linking them back together to form disulfide bonds before, during and after services.

Our stylists include Olaplex during your color or highlighting service. Because it is a bond multiplier, its chemistry rebuilds those broken bonds, mitigating the damage done during the salon process. That makes your hair much stronger and healthier than it was before.
'A La Carte Pricing

Protein or Moisture, 10.00

Olaplex, 25.00

Deep Reconstructive, 25.00

DevaCurl Deep Conditioning, 20.00


Style with Treatments, 10.00

Hot iron finish (with any service), 10.00

Shampoo/blowdry, 25.00

Deva 3 Step, 35.00

Formal style, 65.00

Blowout (lasts 2-3 days), 40.00 - 50.00, depending on length (see Perfect Blowout section)

'A La Carte pricing applies to those occasions when you schedule just a shampoo, or just an up-do, or just treatment with a subsequent shampoo and blowdry and perhaps, a finish beyond the blowdry.

All 'A La Carte treatments include a pre- and post- shampoo.
Corrective Color Consultation
Colorist   $25.00

A corrective color consultation can take from 15 to 30 minutes. The stylist will examine your hair and talk with you about your situation to determine what the problem is and what steps are needed to correct it. The $25 fee for the consultation will be applied toward your corrective color service, which starts at $100.
Corrective Color Service
Colorist   $100.00 and up (consultation required)

Corrective color is called for when you are not happy with your hair color because it is either over processed, badly colored, chemically compromised or otherwise unhealthy. Short of growing out hair completely, it is impossible to bring the hair back to exactly the color and shape it was originally.

While a precise color and tone is not always possible to achieve, Perfections will bring your hair as close as possible to the desired result. Perfections will make every effort to prevent further damage to your hair, but most hair coloring services are aggressive, and you cannot expect to achieve perfectly colored, reconditioned hair in one appointment. Corrective color is a process and it may take from two to five (or more) additional appointments spaced three to six weeks apart in order to correct the specific color problem and achieve both the desired result and reconditioned, reasonably healthy hair.
Perfections Keratin Treatment
Specific treatment to strengthen, condition or smooth your hair.
Smoothing Keratin Treatment with Juvexin
Pricing is based on length and thickness of hair (determining the quantity of product used in the service). Following is an estimate. For a firm price, a consultation is required.

Short hair                    200.00
Medium-length hair      250.00
Long hair                    300.00

A wonderful smoothing conditioning with Juvexin, a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair. Juvexin has been developed to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is found in all GKhair products worldwide. Juvexin replaces the same properties found in young, healthy and vibrant hair which are usually lost over time. There is nothing artificial and no harsh chemicals are used.
My Perfect Blowout
Today's women are on-the-go with busy, complicated schedules and never enough time to get everything done! When you need a special look, let us do the heavy lifting, letting you arrive in style, looking resplendent yet relaxed!
Perfectly Straight
50.00   Length: shoulder-and-below  45 minutes
40.00   Length: shoulder-and-above    30 minutes

Pin straight, shiny and with the right cut, undulating like liquid silver, Perfectly Straight takes a professional iron with the right temperature, professional product to protect your hair from the heat, and a professional handling the the tools and your hair to achieve this incredible result. Includes shampoo.
Perfectly Smooth
50.00  shoulder-and-below   45 minutes
40.00  shoulder-and-above   30 minutes

Soft and supple, Perfectly Smooth is silky hair with body and volume, not pin straight. This look takes a strong arm, a professional dryer, just the right combination of round brushes for volume and shine, and a professional who understands how to take your tangled tresses and work them gently but firmly from wild to smooth. Enjoy your time getting ready for your night out with our professionals doing the hard work for you. Includes shampoo.
Perfect Volume
50.00  shoulder-and-below   45 minutes
40.00  shoulder-and-above   30 minutes

To get this look with its voluptuous and sensuous volume, you need strength... and a lot of it! Perfect Volume takes a strong stylist with knowledge of how to handle just the right round brushing combined with the perfect level of heat from a professional dryer, the perfect iron with the right surface for your type of locks, just the right professional product to protect your hair from the heat, and the strength to keep going until your hair is more than big... it's luxuriously impressive! Includes shampoo.
Perfect Curls
35.00  45 minutes

If you're a Curly Girl, you already know what Perfect Curls look like! The Deva Girl gets it. If you've never tried to tame your curls, let us show you how to get the most out of your natural curly moptop! Perfect Curls takes the right professional cleansing process, the perfect combination of professional styling products designed for your type of curly hair, a professional stylist trained as a Deva Curl Artist and the time and tools to dry your curls with the highest level of bounce and the lowest amount of frizz! Includes shampoo.
Perfectly Wild Waves
35.00    45 minutes

Every Curly Girl has a different kind of curl. More than 65% of all women have some level of curl in their hair... and many have more wave than curl. To get the most from your natural waves, it takes the right professional cleansing, the perfect combination of professional styling products for your type of wave, a professional trained as a Deva Curl Artist and the right tools to dry your waves in place with the lowest level of frizz! Let us do all the hard work while you relax and enjoy your Perfectly Wild Waves! Includes shampoo.
Perfectly Finished
65.00     all lengths, all stylists   1 hour
100.00   Kenneth     1 hour

The Perfect Finish is the same as a Deluxe Finish or an up-do. Also included in this service are half-up-dos. This look takes a professional stylist with creativity and a sense of style and fun, with knowledge of how to use the correct combination of hot rollers, irons, blow dryers and round brushes to achieve your unique style. It helps if you bring with you pictures of the kind of style you're looking for. Let us make your glamorous red-carpet entrance elegant, easy and effortless while you simply enjoy the night. This service does not include a shampoo.
Salon Etiquette
To help you get the most enjoyment and value out of your visit to our salon, we have established the following etiquette guidelines.
Service Etiquette
Because we must operate under and abide by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, we reserve the right to refuse to deliver any service at any time if we deem it appropriate.
Clothing/Smock Etiquette
Hair color can damage your clothing. For your own protection, we ask that you remove your clothing and don a smock prior to receiving services. We will take all necessary precautions, but we cannot be responsible for clothing damaged by hair color if you keep them on during a service. And make sure your purse is not on the floor underneath the colorist!
Unattended Children Etiquette
The salon environment is not suitable for young unattended children. Chemicals, sharp cutting tools and hot styling tools could injure children and infants. For the health and safety of your child, please do not bring your child in the salon unless she or he is scheduled to have services performed. And please do NOT leave your child unattended at ANY time. We cannot assume the risk. If you bring a child without someone to watch them, you will be asked to reschedule your reservation at a time more convenient for you. Thank you.
Regarding Guarantee and Refunds
Our goal is to make you happy
Perfections Salon guarantees its work. Our goal is to deliver services that delight you and leave you happy that you came to us.

If you are not pleased with your haircut, you may request that we adjust it within one week of your service. We will deliver the adjustment at no charge.

We guarantee our color services as long as you use only professional products that we recommend to keep your color vibrant and your hair healthy. This includes a Malibu Makeover ($50) prior to your first color service if you are a new client. The Malibu C treatment will remove all minerals and medications prior to your color service. If you are not pleased with a color service, we will gladly adjust it within one week of your service at no charge to you.

Perfections Salon does not refund money offered as payment for services rendered. It is illegal in the state of Ohio to stop payment on a check offered in payment of services rendered.
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